STEM Ambassadors Focus on Equity for Students

November 30, 2021

Two educators from the Dayton Region have been selected as Department of Defense (DoD) STEM Ambassadors. Both will be provided learning opportunities through the STEM Ambassador program and enact equity projects impacting the Dayton region.

Local educators, Jenn Stormer and Brett Doudican, were selected to serve as STEM Ambassadors for the DoD STEM program. In partnership with the Tiger Woods Foundation (TGR), the STEM Ambassadors will participate in professional development with educators from across the nation. Each STEM Ambassador will also work on a project to promote STEM education in their region.

Jenn Stormer is a teacher at Northmoor Elementary in Northmont City Schools. Jenn was selected by the Dayton Regional STEM Center to serve as their representative for the STEM Ambassadors program. Jenn will be working to improve access for underrepresented students to high-quality STEM experiences.

Brett Doudican is a Curriculum Supervisor with the Greene County Career Center. Brett was selected by TIES to serve as their STEM Ambassador. Brett is working to implement a program that will assist underrepresented students in the application process for federal and defense laboratory internships.