DO STEM Conference 2024

FRIDAY May 3rd, 8 - 4 PM

National Museum of the US Air Force

1100 Spaatz St, Dayton, OH 45433

Emily Anderson Karst

Emily Anderson Karst, also known as @joyfulnoiseteaching, is an accomplished Assistant Principal, devoted mother, and influential content creator dedicated to enriching the lives of educators. With a passion for fostering joy and community among teachers, Emily shares invaluable lifestyle tips and innovative life hacks through her platforms. Specializing in teacher tech and lifestyle enhancement, she consistently provides cutting-edge advice, tools, and strategies aimed at empowering educators to elevate their practice and cultivate a deep love for their profession. Emily's unwavering commitment to supporting the teaching community has established her as a trusted resource and influential figure within the realm of education.

Join us to learn more about Emily and leveraging AI tools for education.